How to measure for new carpet

Exactly how to measure a room for carpet can seem tricky – especially if you aren’t that confident with numbers.
So, you’ve decided to re-carpet a room in your house. Unfortunately, the room is anything but square. In fact, it’s got alcoves, a fireplace, three doorways and a bay window…
Don’t panic – it’s not nearly as difficult as it looks! Absolutely Floorsome Bournemouth & Poole are on hand to give some pointers on how to measure a room for carpet properly. Here’s our step-by-step guide…
1. Draw out a rough diagram of the shape of the room
This doesn’t need to be a perfect, to-scale sketch by any means – it’s just somewhere for you to write the measurements you take as you go along.
2. Measure the room at its widest and longest points
By measuring the maximum width and length of the room, you’ll be able to calculate the absolute maximum amount of carpet you’ll need. Remember to measure from in the middle of  door frames rather than up against a skirting board – there’ll be a slight difference in length as you’ll want the carpet to finish underneath the door.
Let’s say the length of your room is 5 metres and the width is 3.5 metres. To find the total area (before reduction for alcoves etc), multiply the figures together.
In this example, the area of your room is 5 metres x 3.5 metres = 17.5 metres² of carpet.
3. Add on a bit extra
It’s good practise to add on a bit extra to the width and length to give yourself some extra leeway. 10 centimetres to each will be enough, giving you 5 centimetres to play with at each end. This comes inuseful if, for instance, you don’t remember to measure to the back end of door frames.
In the example above, this will now increase your carpet needed to 18.36 metres² (5.1 metres x 3.6 metres).
measure-carpet4.Measure the indented bits of your room
If, for example, you have a fireplace in the room you’re measuring for carpet, you’ll want to measure how far it comes into the room and how wide it is. By measuring these bits correctly it will help you save on both carpet wastage and cost. Add these measurements to your diagram.
5. Is your room rather wide?
If you’re looking to learn how to measure a room for carpet and the room in question is particularly wide, bear in mind that carpet typically comes in rolls of around five or four metres in width.
Should your room be wider than this, it might be necessary to use two ‘strips’ of carpet. When using two or more pieces next to each other, remember that carpet is manufactured in a linear fashion and the direction should be kept consistent so it matches up correctly.
Patterned carpet
When working out how to measure a room for carpet, remember that if you’re planning on using patterned carpet it will increase the amount of it that you need.
Pattern matching the carpet properly can significantly increase costs depending on how much extra is necessary to keep the pattern consistent. A larger pattern can see as much as 30 per cent more carpet needed than if it was one consistent colour.
Extra costs
Remember that the price of carpet is not the whole cost – you’ll also have to take into account the cost of underlay as well as any installation charge. But at Absolutely Floorsome Bournemouth & Poole we can work all this out for you. 
Does learning how to measure a room for carpet seem like too much work?
If you still think all of that seems like too big of a task for you, Absolutely Floorsome can help.
We offer a free measuring and estimating service once you’ve chosen your preferred carpet – find out more on our contact us page.

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