Pay weekly

Absolutely Floorsome is one of the only carpet and flooring companies in Bournemouth and Poole offering you the opportunity to pay for your flooring weekly! We don’t do Credit Checks, We don’t charge any interest and most importantly we don’t inflate our prices! Wether you pay in full or chose to pay weekly we will always be the cheapest & best service provider in Bournemouth & Poole.

So how does pay weekly flooring work?

Pay Weekly

Once we have your contact details we will make contact with yourself and organise a Home Selection Service, this is where we bring our sampling direct to the comfort of your own home. We take you through the journey of getting your new carpet or flooring. Helping you choose the correct carpet for your needs. Whether that’s stain resistant for them forever mucky kids, or the super silky soft carpet that you sink into.

Once we have measured your area and we have picked your flooring we will give you a total price for the job. You are then required to pay a 50% deposit. This can be done in full or in stages once it has been completed we fit your brand new flooring leaving the remaining 50% to be split over x16 Equal weekly payments to be made by Bacs, Cash, or card machine in store.

Terms and conditions apply as always however we will show you these when we come to the home selection service and make sure your happy with all the requirements.

Pay Weekly

How much does it work out to a week?

So shall we get you booked in?

If you'd like to discuss our pay weekly plan, or any of our products,